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Gardiner and the Yellowstone National Park Entrace, Wyo., U.S.A.

B.L. Singley,
GARDINER AND NATIONAL PARK ENTRANCE. Nearly all of the territory that has been reserved by the United States, and designated the Yellowstone national Park, lies in the northwest corner of the State of Wyoming. Its eastern edge, however, extends two or three miles into the State of Idaho, and about the same area of its northern border lies in the State of Montana. The Yellowstone National Park, appropriately called "The Wonderland of the World," is of rectangular outline, measuring about fifty-five miles east and west by about sixty-two miles north and south, and embracing nearly 3,500 square miles of area. The region is characterized not only by majestic and inspiring mountain scenery of a general nature, but by enchanting vistas of peaceful valleys, of flowery meadows, of grand and radiant canyons, of far-stretching, evergreen forests, of charming, crystal lakes, and--above all--by an astonishing and bewildering aggregation of chemical and physical phenomena, with stupendous exhibitions of cosmic energy. This view shows: (1) The Gardiner Railway station--the terminus of the Yellowstone Branch of the Northern Pacific Railway, (2) the Monumental Arch which spans the carriage road as it crosses the northern boundary line of the park, and (3) in the distance a section of typical Rocky Mountain scenery.
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