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The Second Fifth Day

Smith, Chase Leland
The Second Fifth Day is meant to be a genetic hard science fiction thriller novella that employs real scientific methods and concepts whenever possible. The novella is meant to explore the ethical and ecological questions concerning genetic de-extinction utilizing CRISPR genetic editing technology. Much of the science in the book is either real, or not beyond the scope of what's possible. Dust Jacket: In upstate New York, a controversial genetic laboratory, Day5, is violently attacked in the middle of the night and its most valuable assets are stolen. FBI agent Molly Harris and her partner Josh Barnes are called in to investigate. In doing so, they learn that the de-extinction lab was working on utilizing revolutionary CRISPR-cas9 slicing techniques to reintroduce an extinct species of waterfowl back into the wild. However, the awesome genetic power created in the lab has garnered progressively harsher scientific scrutiny and negative media attention. What’s more, Molly and Josh become increasingly concerned that the technology utilized to bring life to the dead in the lab, could be used to end life outside of it. Everyone is now a suspect, from ethics board directors to radical anti-genetic modification activists, and Molly and Josh must race against time to find the genetic technology before it is used to put the nation, and the entire world, in danger of extinction.
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Genetics,Thriller,Novella,Novel,De-extinction,DNA,CRISPR gene editing technology,FBI Agent,Ethics,Genome analysis tools,Hard Science Fiction,RNA,Short Story
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