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Aubade: A Song at Dawn

Rose, Anna
Rosalie Hale, a vampire, has spent nearly a century alone, a paragon of beauty who wants nothing more than to age and die. When the intriguing Isabella Swan walks into Rosalie’s undeath, Rosalie plunges into a romance that threatens her secret existence as a vampire and threatens Bella’s life. Rosalie will have to make a choice: letting Bella live out the life Rosalie wanted, transforming Bella into a vampire to live a beautiful undeath together, or killing Bella—and ending her temptation forever. The purpose of writing this story was to explore the themes of beauty, death, and jealousy present in the traditional vampire narrative. Rather than using a traditional narrative, this work is a work of Twilight-based fanfiction. By using the fanfiction format, the story can explore new themes using a familiar setting and familiar characters. This setting and these characters had the latent potential to explore these themes, but the original author chose to focus on other themes and a different narrative. Through fanfiction, this new story can be effectively explored.
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