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Efficacy of Analgesic Methods for Hip Fractures

McKenna, Alexandra
A simple fall can be extremely detrimental to the health an elderly client. Falls are the leading cause of injury-related visits to the emergency departments in the United States and the primary cause of accidental death in elderly patients. More than 90 percent of hip fractures occur as a result of these falls (Fuller, 2000). Pain following hip fracture has been associated with delirium, depression, sleep disturbance, and decreased response to interventions for other disease processes (Abou-Setta et al., 2011). Therefore, it is important to treat and manage acute pain effectively. Treatment of pain may require opioids, which present complications that include diminished emotional response, altered mental status, nausea, vomiting, constipation, and respiratory depression (Eisenberg, 2011). Alternative treatments for pain are increasingly necessary, especially for this population that has more extensive health care considerations.
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