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Sheep, near Medicine Bow, Wyo.

A LARGE HERD OF SHEEP. After leaving Cheyenne we wind over easy grades, going upward all the time until we reach the pass over the mountains at Summit Hill. This is the highest point on the Lincoln Highway, 8,835 feet above sea level. The next city is Laramie. From Laramie on westward we cross a land of plains and rolling hills. Frequently we see large herds of sheep. Describe a Wyoming landscape as shown in this view from the Highway. These high plains in central and western Wyoming are used, chiefly, for the grazing of sheep. There are over three million shep in Wyoming. These sheep have been sheared recently, and are leaving their winter ranch home for the mountains. They will be driven slowly, grazing along the way. The mountains will be reached in July, and in late September the return journey will begin. They will arrive at the ranch on the plains late in November. Notice the type of grass and other vegetation. The spring rains have brought this out. As the summer drought comes on, the grass and shrubs will dry up. As we go through Utah and Nevada, we shall see many sheep, unless they are in the mountains.
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