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Angling from Hot Springs Cone at Thumb Station, Yellowstone National Park, Wyo.

ANGLING FROM HOT SPRING CONE AT THUMB STATION. The delights of travel in the Yellowstone National Park are not confined to what the tourist may see in the guise of nature's wonders. Beauties of mountain and lake, waterfall and canyon, forest and sky are there, geysers and hot springs, sunsets and sunrises. But besides all that there are things to do, and fishing is one of them. The animals of the Park are completely protected against hunting, and so are uncommonly tame as wild creatures go. but the fish are there to be caught at will under proper restrictions, and eaten too by the successful angler. Some of the lakes and rivers in the Park have provided generous strings of fish, and the unlying scales declare that they are big fellows. there are even some places where, so it is alleged, the angler can catch his fish in a cold stream, and then by turning around, drop the same fish into a boiling spring a few feet away and cook it there without even removing it from the hook. The camp and hotel chefs in the National Park are accustomed to catering to tourists, and are ready to prepare and serve whatever the angler may bring back in triumph for his own dinner.
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