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Fight Fast Fashion: A Social Media Awareness Campaign About Fast Fashion

Hutchison, Rebekah
As the trillion dollar fast fashion industry continues to grow, it is important that consumers are aware of the detriment it has on people and the planet. Fast fashion exploits human rights and the environment because of its high demand and unmonitored regulations. While Generation Z is spearheading an environmental revolution, the fast fashion industry seems to have been glossed over by these digital natives. In response, a social media awareness campaign, Fight Fast Fashion, was created to help educate consumers on the impact their purchases have on individual and societal levels. The following paper discusses industry research and the design and implementation of the Instagram campaign. Such components include support raising, storyboarding, and Instagram research. Behavior change is difficult to measure and beyond the purview of this paper. However, Fight Fast Fashion was found to be effective in bringing awareness to consumers, which is the first step in behavior change. Fight Fast Fashion was successful in accomplishing its purpose and has the potential to keep growing in effectiveness.
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fast fashion,fashion,sustainable fashion
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