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Over the Shoulder: A Creative Journey Through Family Portraiture

Jones, Fiona
I have created a drawing exhibition for my Honors Capstone Project. The exhibition features drawings of my closest family members referenced from photographs I have taken over the last six years. I sought out photographs that were natural, unposed. After I drew my first five pieces, I realized I had chosen shots that didn’t reveal the face. I decided to continue with this trend and conceal the identity of my family throughout the entire series. The drawings took anywhere from three to thirty hours to complete. Through the process of drawing my family I’ve had the ability to explore my emotional connections with them. In many ways these drawings exhibit the essence of our lives together. This series has helped me grow into an artist that I didn’t know I could be. It has given me the ability to mature and transform from a student to an artist. I finally had the time and freedom to explore my art without the influence of others. This freedom allowed me to embrace the creativity I needed to overcome challenges and solve artistic problems. Because of this, I am starting to understand my artistic identity. I’m incredibly thankful for this opportunity.
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