Air Separation Unit to Create Zero-Emission Oxy-Combustion Energy

Aldhahri, Khalid
White, Thomas
Marken, Daniel
Alrajeh, Omar
The University of Wyoming has proposed the construction of a large wind tunnel that will draw 1-2 MW of electricity. This is a significant amount of energy that may affect the University and possibly all of Laramie. To avoid power outage throughout the city, the first part of the process is proposed to use a gas-powered turbine to provide the electricity for the wind tunnel. The turbine will use oxy-fuel combustion, combustion of pure oxygen as opposed to air, so that pure CO2 and water will be the sole emissions. With CO2 and water being the sole emissions our hope is we will create a suitable design for zero emission energy. The second part of the process is using an Air Separation Unit. Having an Air separation Unit will allow us to extract pure oxygen from the air. Finding an optimal method of air separation or oxygen concentration will be required to supply the oxygen for the combustion. This project is not cost effective because there are not really any products being sold. However, this project is still useful because the energy created will provide the wind tunnel its needed energy, which enhances academic prosperity.
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