Chemical EOR Powder River Basin Field Screening

Pointon, Thomas
Adeniyi, Solomon
Alhajri, Hindi
Almahasheer, Jarah
Wong, Maxwell
This project received a large data package from the EORI. We screened through the data to find the top fields best suited for a particular chemical EOR method, and then determined incremental production increases. Finally we created a report detailing our process. In order to accomplish the above tasks, we first started with planning our project by dividing the work into four phases. We then went into screening and ranking fields by doing a field screening and ranking analysis, then used equations and reservoir techniques to provide the expected incremental production increases. Field screening compares a list of parameters from multiple fields (depending on the screening method, various parameters are used) to values on lookup tables that have been determined by experts for each enhanced oil recovery method. These lookup tables provide no more than a 'Go' or 'No Go' answer for each field; other methods (such as indexing) are required for ranking if multiple fields fit all parameters for a certain EOR method. An initial screening of our project reduced the number of fields from 4500+ to 114, and out of those fields, some of the data required for screening was missing. Accessing the WOGCC, our group was able to download well logs and go to other public sources for the screening information needed. Our indexing method involved comparing the range of field parameters against comfort reference values to find an index for each field, and using higher index values as better candidates.
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