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Wollert, Gabrielle
The purpose of my creative project is to explore and highlight avenues of self-expression through poetry and visual art. My aim is to bring a creative project that is not defined by scientific research, but rather self-exploration. Personal awareness and exploration are key to my education outside of formalized academic learning. Learning should represent growth in many different avenues regardless of academic guidelines. The project is rooted in artistic flare. Each poem highlights a genre of personal experience and encompasses an overarching theme of my personal development and self-awareness. Genres of poetry include travel, upbringing, hardships, and self-exploration. The poetry is accompanied by an essay describing the inspiration behind each poem as well as a description of the process of creating a final draft of poetry. Furthermore, I have represented the tone of certain poems using visual art. Working with local artists, I am using a Strappo technique of acrylic painting to further express a process of development. This technique requires forethought, the main subject is painted first, and detail layers are painted on in sequence after. The final project product will be a combination of written, visual, and mental expression.
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