Scalable simulation of pressure gradient-driven transport of rarefied gases in complex permeable media using lattice Boltzmann method - data

Aryana, Saman
Rustamov, Nijat
Douglas, Craig
Figure 1 data - delineation of flow regimes as a function of Knudsen number and variation of Knudsen number as a function of characteristic pore size for various constant pressure values. Figure 3 data - runtime comparison of direct and indirect addressing in computational domains with different porosities. Figure 5 data - runtime with different number of cores and processes for the A2 complex simulation domain Figure 6 data - results of LB with three inlet-outlet boundary conditions compared with DSMC data from the literature. Figure 8 data - LB results for a domain with a square obstacle compared with MD data from the literature. Figure 10 - LB results for a domain with a triangular obstacle compared with MD data from the literature. Figure 11 data - Pressure-drop results from LB with generalized periodic, pressure and periodic boundary conditions in a slit nanopore. Figure 12 data - results from the LB mesh refinement study - Normalized streamwise velocity at different mesh sizes. Figures 13, 14, 15 data -  results of the LB convergence study with different inlet-outlet boundary conditions under different pressure gradients - results are from 63 simulation cases using 3 different domains (simple nano-confined channel; nano-confined channel with a triangular obstacle; and complex channel network) using a 500x500 mesh. Figure 16 data - LB convergence behavior at different porosity values.
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lattice Boltzmann method,nano-confinement,rarefied gas transport,high Knudsen flow,boundary treatment
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