Allison, Jubal
Jording, Joseph
Klug, David
Provart, Luke
Z4 Energy Systems LLC, in conjunction with the University of Wyoming College of Engineering, has provided a team of UW engineers ("Wynd Inc.") with the unique opportunity of designing and building a wind powered land race vehicle. The vehicle, appropriately named UWynd, will be entered into the annual Celebration of Wind race in Rawlins, Wyoming on May 21, 2011. The unique four-wheeled design requires a single operator responsible for sail control, steering, counterbalancing, and braking. The vehicle is designed to operate safely in winds up to, but not exceeding, 40 miles an hour. Design stages of UWynd included plans and specifications, morphology, and mathematical modeling. The vehicle was then built and subjected to compliance testing in order to determine the accuracy of the engineering models. Key design features apply cutting- edge land-yachting technology and concepts applied in open-water yacht racing. Some of the most innovative vehicle features include a pivoting seat with which the operator can counterbalance the racer, a cross-shaped-frame design that allows the vehicle to tip from side to side and roll on three wheels at any one time, and a state-of-the-art Dacron and Monofilament land-yachting sail. The combination of these features has produced a finished product capable of winning the Celebration of Wind race and possibly leading to future vehicle development.
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