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Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

Hutchinson, Carson
This paper reviews what gestational diabetes mellitus is; it's pathophysiology, epidemiology, risks, effects, clinical characteristics, screenings, diagnostics, treatment, and recommended follow up. Gestational diabetes mellitus rate has doubled during the last 20 years in the United States. There is currently only one FDA approved medication (insulin) for gestational diabetes mellitus; however there are a couple anti-hyperglycemic agents that are used off label for this disease. This paper looks at their efficacy and safety of such medications; metformin and glyburide. Current guidelines, clinical trials, retrospective studies, systematic reviews, and case reports were used to assess gestational diabetes and management. This is to help guide pharmacists to understand gestational diabetes mellitus, best practices to manage this disease state, and recommended follow up.
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Gestational diabetes mellitus,insulin,metformin,glyburide,Endocrine System Diseases,Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
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