Efficacious drug testing for fungal infections using Fountain Flow Cytometry

Jones, Andrew
Every year, billions of people around the world contract fungal diseases, and millions of these infections end in death. The most common fungal infection is from Candida albicans, and causes high mortality rates in immunocompromised patients. There are multiple commonly accepted methods for detecting fungal drug resistance, and all of these have been used for Candida spp, but they fall short at rapidly determining the choice of antifungal for septic patients. Dr. Paul Johnson at the University of Wyoming has developed an instrument, the Fountain Flow Cytometer (FFC), which is used for rapid detection and counting of microorganisms in an aqueous environment. I have developed a nutrient broth to grow large concentrations (>10,000) of yeast over a 4 hour time period. This has proven that we can get a measurable increase in yeast to prove as a control group. The final goal of this project is to develop a procedure for antibiotic resistance testing of blood samples.
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