EOR Screening

Alyami, Abdullah
Channey, Dalveer
Elgwarsha, Moataz
Kurtenbach, Zachary
Salem, Ahmed
Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) is a very important process in the life of an oil field, it aids in extracting the largest quantity of oil possible. When it comes to enhanced oil recovery there are many techniques that are available to choose depending on the characteristics of the reservoir. These characteristics are then used to screen for an applicable EOR technique, at which point in time you factor in whether there is an economic benefit. The goal of this project is to assess 1400 fields/reservoirs provided by Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute (EORI) which will be viable candidates for EOR application in the state of Wyoming. This will be done using many characteristics such as permeability, porosity, viscosity and the type of formation. These characteristics will then be used as screening criteria to determine which EOR technique is the best fit for that field/reservoir. Our project will also involve using specialized EOR software obtained from a Norwegian company, International Research Institute of Stavanger (IRIS). This software known as SWORD will rank our prospects and allow us to pick the appropriate technique such as CO2 injection, chemical flooding, polymer and thermal recovery.
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