YMCE Engineering

Alqatari, Yousif
Seas, Michael
Jones, Christian
Fabrizius, Eric
Our presentation will be about an innovative new idea to directly convert methane to methanol via a catalytic pathway that involves a platinum bipyrimidine complex. The United States currently has an abundance of natural gas, and many researchers are working on taking this abundant resource and turning it into something more valuable, so developing a direct route for conversion of methane to methanol can provide the foundation for efficient utilization of natural gas. Despite natural gas being a decent source of energy, the production and use of the natural gas are strongly limited by the difficulties in the transportation of the product. Methanol is an energy dense liquid that can be transported easily with existing infrastructure. Our project will detail the chemistry and industrial design behind our process. It will also incorporate economics to assess feasibility of implementation of the design. We will be considering modern issues such as environmental pollution, location, global supply and demand, and other possible uses of natural gas in our economic assessment. By the end of our project, we hope to be able to make a recommendation to any that would pursue this project as to whether it is economically viable.
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