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Direct observation of strain fields in epitaxial growth Fe3O4 thin films on MgO substrates

Chen, Y. X.
Chen, C.
Zhou, W. L.
Wang, Z. J.
Tang, Jinke
Wang, D. X.
Daughton, J. M.
Fe3O4 thin films with a thickness of about 140 nm have been deposited on MgO (001) substrates by reactive sputtering. Microstructural studies indicated that monocrystalline Fe3O4 thin films were epitaxially grown on the MgO substrates with a cubic-on-cubic orientation relationship with respect to the substrates. Strain field due to slight lattice mismatch between the films and substrates was observed. The saturation moment and the coercivity for in-plane magnetization hysteresis loop were 235 emu/cc and 500 Oe, respectively. The lower saturation moment value of the Fe3O4 thin film suggested that the strain field may play a role in the reduction of magnetization.
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