Underprepared College Student Cohort: Study of Differences in Academic Integration and Social Integration in Synergy Supportive Learning Environment

Dickinson, Kim
Linck, Andrew
Wardell, Nicole
Using Tinto's theory of student departure or persistence and how it correlates with social integration and academic integration to predict student success in a supportive learning community. The project is analyzing how academic integration and social integration are factors of the four different selection cohorts of the Synergy Program. The Synergy Program creates a learning community to help underprepared at risk college student's increase their chance for success. In addition the researchers will analyze the two variables and how they are predictors of GPA outcome. To assess the variables within the study the researchers will use a questionnaire provided by the Synergy Program. The researchers predict that social integration will have more of an effect on GPA outcome and there will be differences between the four cohorts.
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