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Castle Rock and Green River, Wyo.

CASTLE ROCK AND THE GREEN RIVER. From Rock Springs to Green River the scenery is grand and impressive. In southewestern Wyoming there are numerous buttes. A butte is a large mass of rock with a flat top and almost perpendicular sides. Point out a butte in this view. These immense isolated masses have been carved into many fantastic shapes by the action of wind, sand, and water. Some of them, rising square and massive on the horizon, resemble castles and huge forts. This one is called Castle Rock. Another one, nearer Green River, is the shape of an immense teakettle and has been named the Teakettle Rock. The buttes are rickly colored in yellows, oranges, reds, and browns. Notice that there is almost no vegetation anywhere except on the river banks. About 150 miles south of this place, this river, the Green River, unites with the Grand River to form the famous Colorado River. The Indians named this river the Green River, because the water looks gree as it flows over green shale. The Indian word is Seeds-ka-dee. On your map find these rivers and trace the Lincoln Highway across Wyoming.
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