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Hands-On Mathematics : The Effects of Reinforcing Key Mathematics in a Science Class for At-Risk Students

Hornung, Jennifer
This action research adds to the current body of research regarding the effects of integrating mathematics and science to improve achievement and confidence in at-risk students. Students in a high school general science class explored the relationship between motion and the slope of a line made by a distance-time graph. The intent was to provide them with a real world example of a concept they struggle with in mathematics class, slope. Quantitative data from pre-assessments and post-assessments was collected and found to show improved achievement in both areas by all students. Qualitative data from student reflections implied improved confidence in the ability to calculate slope among most students. The research takes into consideration current research on at-risk students, their identification and their learning needs. It also discusses how the current national standards in mathematics and science provide for and encourage integration of the two topics.
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