Wireless Sound Level System

Harrison, Ian
The Wireless Sound Level System (WSLS) is being designed for the Cody Christian and Missionary Alliance Church in Cody, Wyoming. The church has a very powerful sound system but unfortunately, the sanctuary was not designed with sound projection in mind. This creates for several abnormally loud, or hotspots, in the room. My senior design project is being designed so that they, the church's sound technicians, will be able to monitor those areas and adjust the sound levels accordingly. This will be done by using three sound pressure level meters (SPL) to monitor the three major hotspots. Each of these meters will have a wireless transceiver that will communicate with a central hub. This hub will be located in the sound booth, and will have an LED display for each meter, so that the sound technicians can easily monitor the sound levels. The sound level is measured linearly, but is converted into decibels inside the meter so that the values displayed will correlate directly with the gains set on amplifiers and other sound monitoring devices. The WSLS will help create a more balanced atmosphere to worship in.
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