Golden Venture: Vee BEE Farm, A

Ver Burg, Carrie
Starting a business is difficult and rewarding, especially when you are working with and relying on complex creatures like bees. The Ver Burgs have set out to do just this, a venture to turn a hobby into sweet gold. In May of 2014, Steve Ver Burg bought six hives of bees for a fun on-the-side pastime. Now, a year later, what started out as a fun hobby has quickly turned into a viable business opportunity. Carrie Ver Burg, looking for a fun way to spend more time with her dad decided to join him and work with bees as well. A project focus on how Vee BEE Farm is working to expand from hobby status to a thriving family business is presented. We will walk through the steps taken to create Vee BEE Farm's business plan including market research, customer demand, competition, marketing and sales, management structure, revenue modeling, and growth facilitation. This plan can be replicated with various other business ventures to produce similar results.
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