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Is Intense Glycemic Control Really Better?

Schutzman, Cierra W.
The following paper and presentation have been put together in my pursuit of finding out whether or not intense glycemic control has proven more beneficial when compared to a conventional type of glucose control in hospitalized adults in an intense care unit (ICU). It is important to note that this paper and the following studies look at acute or short term hyperglycemia, not chronic. Chronic hyperglycemia has many detrimental effects and therefore tight blood glucose control is essential for optimal health when discussing long-term control of glycemic levels. Inspiration came for this project while taking care of ICU patients in my capstone clinical experience. By the end of this paper, it is hoped that I will have educated the reader well enough to convince them that conventional glycemic control in acute hospitalized adults in the ICU proves to have less morbidity rates than intense glycemic control.
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glycemic control,glucose,intense,conventional,ICU,hypoglycemia,hyperglycemia,Critical Care Nursing
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