Tandem GPS system with Remote User Tracking

Leppert, Brad
Hudson, Eric
Often, travelers and hunters find themselves in need of locating their partners in the field. Sometimes exact positioning is not possible. Without communications equipment, exact positioning is useless. Even With the ability to communicate over extended distances, relaying location information is cumbersome and time-consuming. Our senior design project solves the issue of knowing where one's partner is. The system consists of two units that each use a global positioning receiver, barometer and electronic compass to accurately calculate the user's position and heading. The system then uses 900MHz spread spectrum radios to relay each unit's position to the other. A distance and azimuth to the remote unit is then calculated and relayed to the user to enable each person to know which direction, relative to themselves, their partner lies, and how far away they are. The information is displayed in a simple fashion on a liquid crystal display and both units' positions are logged into and SD card for computer mapping.
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