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Synthesis of CoFe/Al2O3 composite nanoparticles as the impedance matching layer of wideband multilayer absorber

Zhen, L.
Gong, Y. X.
Jiang, J. T.
Xu, C. Y.
Shao, W. Z.
Liu, P.
Tang, Jinke
CoFe/Al2O3 composite nanoparticles were successfully prepared by hydrogen-thermally reducing cobalt aluminum ferrite. Compared with CoFe alloy nanoparticles, the permeability of CoFe/Al2O3 composite nanoparticles was remarkably enhanced and an improved impedance characteristic was achieved due to the introduction of insulated Al2O3. A multilayer absorber with CoFe/Al2O3 composite nanoparticles as the impedance matching layer and CoFe nanoflake as the dissipation layer was designed by using genetic algorithm, in which an ultrawide operation frequency bandwidth over 2.5–18 GHz was obtained. The microwave absorption performance in both normal and oblique incident case was evaluated by using electromagnetic simulator. The backward radar cross-section (RCS) was decreased at least 10 dB over a wide frequency range by covering the multilayer absorber on the surface of perfect electrical conductive plate.
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