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Lone Star Geyser, Yellowstone National Park, Wyo., U.S.A.

LONE STAR GEYSER, YELLOWSTONE PARK. Four miles southeast of Upper Geyser Basin and about three-quarters of a mile from the road leading over the Divide to the lake, alone in a pleasant park-like opening in the forest stands the Lone Star geyser cone. All things considered, it is the most symmetrical and perfect geyser cone in the park. It is about twelve feet high and nine feet in diameter, and its external structure and coloring are exceedingly delicate and bewitching. The ordinary tour of the park does not include a trip to this beautiful spot, with its hermit geyser. It is well for all who can do so to stop over at the Upper Basin an extra day and make a special trip to this secluded spot. The Lone Star is not particularly impressive in its eruptions; but still it is more than worth seeing. About once in four or five hours, it sends a five inch stream of water from forty to fifty feet above its throat, and takes about ten to fifteen minutes to clear itself. The water is so hot that a goodly volume of steam escapes from it, and the exhibition, though not like that of Old Faithful or the Giant, is interesting and satisfactory. The solitude of this geyser, its solid, dignified appearance, the beauty of its minute structure and the delicate richness of its coloring make it a a desirable subject to visit and study.
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