Effects of Exercise on Diabetes Mellitus Type 2, The

Hungerford, Kayla
Diagnosis of diabetes mellitus type 2 is slowly rising in the United States, with poor eating habits and sedentary lifestyles increase the number of incidences. Medications are used to treat individual symptoms of diabetes. Society ignores the positive effect exercise has on all aspects of the disease and improving quality of life. Research previously completed demonstrates: exercise decreases blood pressure, adipose tissue levels, resting blood glucose, insulin resistance, immune responses, and inflammatory factors. These changes in physiology have a direct link to alleviating symptoms and complications diabetes mellitus type 2. While medications and exercise both aim to treat this disease, exercise is a lifestyle change that the body does not become resistant to. This gathering of previous research aims to influence the increase of exercise and nutrition as a viable prescription for the management and cure of diabetes mellitus type 2.
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