Velo Fashion: Triumph and Tragedy

Chenchar, Joseph
This presentation and paper will cover the development and incubation of a small start-up company that was created by two Cheyenne Central High School graduates. The business, Velo Fashion LLC is a small business, which specializes in the design, sale and manufacture of screen-printed goods. The project will follow the story of the small business' successes and failures and the current plans for the future and how they will be implemented. The focus of the project will center on marketing and how certain themes are reflected in the story of Velo Fashion LLC. Such concepts that will be covered and analyzed include, but are not limited to, distribution systems, rushing to market, promotions, branding, and unifying themes. The project will focus on how many of these themes can be seen through the lens of this company and how a better understanding of the concepts could help ensure the success of the business.
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