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Ellbogen & How Innovators Can Turn Their Business Ideas into a Thesis, The

Williams, Abbigail
Completing the Honors thesis does not have to be traditional. In competing in the Ellbogen 50K Entrepreneurship Competition for my thesis, I learned the value of making my Honors thesis my own by competing with a business idea for an artist development and booking agency called Petrichor. Petrichor is designed to give local music artists resources in Laramie to grow their fanbase beyond the local level. Laramie has an extensive music scene that is left to its own devices. Often, the artists have little experience beyond local shows and need help getting to the next level in their careers. The key to getting beyond the local level is through development, which Petrichor can help with. My business will provide services to build an artist’s brand and refine their image to begin marketing themselves appropriately to grow their fanbase. This will include creating press kits including photo and video along with a write-up about their band. Bands will also be able to record new music and get help with social media marketing. Finally, Petrichor will offer booking services to give the artists the exposure and experience they need playing shows outside of Laramie. Petrichor would be benefitting its customers, bands and venues, grow the Laramie music scene and allow for more local resources.
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