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"Growler," the "Hurricane," and "Old Constant" Geysers, Norris Basin, Yellowstone National Park, Wyo., U.S.A., The

Twenty-two miles out from Mammoth Hot Springs, and at noon, the tourist-laden coaches pull up in front of the Norris Hotel, which stands upon the eastern border of Norris Geyser Basin. The visitor became acquainted with hot water and mineral deposits at Mammoth Hot Springs; but there all activity was quiet, dignified and peaceful. A geyser basin is quite another affair. Here all is noise, uproar, confusion and surprises. A wide-stretching valley of white formation chosely resembling snow and ice lies before us; and, penetrating the crust at most iregular intervals, are hundreds of openings, large and small, from which steam is issuing in all shapes, as to visible outlines, with all degrees of force and with every sort of sound from the scarcely audible puff to a deafening roar. Some of the openings send out constantly a column or cloud of steam; some of them are regularly intermittent; others are irregularly so, while some occasionally discharge not only great streams of hot water, but also immense clouds of steam, the latter apparently intent on joining the heaven-born clouds that sail so grandly through the sky above. Noisy confusion and nervous activity characterize the scene.
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Photography,Stereoscopic,Yellowstone National Park,Wyoming
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