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Point Lookout and beautiful Lower Falls, Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, Yellowstone Park, U.S.A.

Point Lookout is, perhaps, the best observation point in the Grand Canyon. There is a trail leading throught the ravine below Point Lookout to Red Rock, which we see in the center of the view. On the smooth mound of sand below we see a man walking along the path returning from Red Rock. From Point Lookout, which is about 1,500 feet above the river, and from Red Rock below can be obtained the finest view of the Great, or Lower, Falls and Grand Canyon together that is possible from any point. Nowhere else is there so grand a canyon . With its massive rocks so curiously chiseled, nd so marvelously colored. Here yellow, orange, red and purple are mingled together producing a most glorious effect, and one that baffles the most talented artist to portray, or the most skilled writer to adequately describe. The river at some distance above the falls is about 250 feet wide, but it suddenly narrows to less than 80 feet. Because of this fact, the Falls always appear the same; that is, they are not greatly effected by the high water of the early spring nor by the low water of the late autumn; the volume of water is, of course, increased or decreased but the sheet of water as it falls always has the same wonderful, fascinating appearance. We are spellbound as we look from Red Rock upon the rugged sides of Point Lokout displaying tints of so wonderful beauty and upon that sheet of water leaping over the high precipice, and upon that tumbling, silvery river below.
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