Creep Behavior of S2-Glass/Epoxy

Jensen, Eric
S2-Glass/Epoxy is used in many applications including passenger and landing gear doors of many commercial aircraft, as well as, much of the interior of today's helicopters. However, little is known about the creep behavior of this particular fiberglass-epoxy combination. To gain a better understanding of how S2-Glass/Epoxy reacts to a constant load for an extended period of time tensile creep tests were conducted. Eleven 0°, unidirectional, test specimens of prepregnated S2-Glass/Epoxy were constructed and tabbed. Precision foil resistance strain gages were then adhered to these specimens. The specimens were then subjected to 20%, 40%, and 60% of the static stress to rupture, at room temperature and 100°F. The load was applied for five hours and then removed and the specimen was allowed to relax and recover. The next stress was then applied. Strain, load, and time data were recorded. The Time-Temperature superposition principle was applied to this data to extend the testing time and a master creep strain plot was developed.
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