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Procalcitonin Levels; an Alternative Diagnostic Approach for Community Acquired Pneumonia in Acute Care Settings and Determination of Antibiotic Therapy

Rhodine, Jamie Anne
Procalcitonin (PCT) levels are an accurate reflection of bacterial replication within the human body. By deciphering between bacterial and viral invasion, antibiotic therapy will be reduced contributing to the reduction of antibiotic resistance. For atypical patients with community acquired pneumonia (CAP), PCT levels will detect when antibiotic therapy is effective and when it is safe to discontinue antibiotics. Hospital stay length will be reduced and patients to nurse ratios will improve. One simple diagnostic PCT test used as an adjunct with traditional diagnostic testing for CAP will help minimize morbidity and mortality rates among patients. Traditionally used with septic patients, PCT levels can be the future in diagnosing and monitoring treatment for those with bacterial CAP.
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Procalcitonin,Pneumonia,Antibiotic,Bacteria,Diagnosis,Investigative Techniques,Other Analytical,Diagnostic and Therapeutic Techniques and Equipment,Other Nursing,Respiratory Tract Diseases,Viruses
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