Economic Analysis for Little Buffalo Basin Using Reservoir Simulation and CO2 Scope

Alnaji, Shatha
Tenneson, Madison
Ye, Lihui
Zhang, Wei
Tensleep formation of Little Buffalo Basin was studied for our senior design project. The project covered all three phases of production, from primary production to water injection, and finally CO2 injection. The goal was to use existing primary and secondary production history to project economic limit for water flooding. A detailed geological model was constructed in Petrel. The model was imported to a black oil simulator (CMG IMEX) for history matching and water flooding projection. Then from the end of water injection, CO2Scope software was used to estimate economic potential of the field using CO2 flooding model developed from Lost Solider field, WY. The final recovery factor, the amount of CO2 injection, and net present value was analyzed for the project. Also, applicable laws and regulations, as well as environmental effects related to CO2 injection and sequestration were discussed.
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