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Branding and Visual Promotion

Looney, Lauren
Branding and visual promotion are two key components for a business that can strengthen its stance in the marketplace. This paper looks specifically into how branding and visual promotion, and how that relates to the visual merchandiser, in Laramie, Wyoming. It will also explore how small businesses become successful based on Laramie business owners' perspective and the unique view they offer to visual merchandising in a small college town. This research started with businesses in downtown Laramie and, after choosing a few businesses, the researcher designed three display windows downtown. After designing and implementing these windows, the owners or managers of each store were interviewed about their roles in visual merchandising, their outlook on owning or running a small business, and how effective they perceived the windows to be.
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Branding,Small Business,Visual Promotion,Visual Merchandising,Interview,Laramie,Advertising and Promotion Management,Fashion Business
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