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International Obstacles To Social Integration

Deiter, Aidan M.
In many nations around the world, it is unfortunately common for an individual's character and potential to be judged by their racial or ethnic identity. As a result, even many developed countries continue to struggle with socially ingrained prejudices, which act detrimentally in relation to the advancement of social integration. The purpose of this research paper is to identify the key issues that different countries face in terms of tolerant coexistence between racial and ethnic groups, and to determine what policies or programs may help to counteract tension between these groups and allow for the advancement social integration. The three countries that will be focused on will be China, Japan, and the United States. These countries were chosen due to their exceptionally different policies concerning immigration and the rights of minority groups, as well as their differing pre-existing records of social integration programs. This study will determine what variety of potential social integration policies may be applied in a way that can benefit each nation, if each nation's respective societal issues render said programs as viable options. The end-goal of this research paper is to shed light on the potential for various peoples in different countries to live in relative peace and show benefit in extending developmental programs and equal access to governmental protections and resources to citizens of all racial and ethnic groups, rather than simply those constituting a majority.
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social integration,ethnic,racial,culture,discrimination
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