Tow Load Indicator with LCD Display

Ellis, Jordan
Ambrosino, Tyler
This device will be used to measure the tongue weight of a trailer that is applied to the towing vehicle. This system will take a weight measurement from a sensor and transmit this measurement to an LCD display that can be viewed by the driver. The Features include, user interface on the LCD display to select vehicle weight class and compare it with the class of towing package equipped on the vehicle. Based on the user selected weight class the sensor will measure the actual tongue weight applied to the towing vehicle with an allowable tolerance of 10%. A manual override will be available for aftermarket additions equipped on the vehicle. The manual override will allow the user to adjust the threshold weight of the sensor. The analog signal from the sensor will be fed in an analog to digital converter, and processed through a micro controller, which will feed the LCD display. If the weight is exceeded the unit will alert the operator of overloading. This module will run off of a 12 volt, which will be supplied by the vehicles 12 volt accessory socket, inside the vehicle cab.
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