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Snow Now: An Artificial Snow Product

Strong, Jacob
When people think of winter the image of snow covering the ground is immediately thought of. In Wyoming this image is brought to life without fail every year, but what about people in other parts of the United States? In many parts of the southern United States it is common to not have any snow during the year. Because of the strong impression of what winter should look like, many people desire to fulfill this idea and would like to have snow covered lawns, but they are unable to. A solution to this problem is a synthetic product that looks like snow and is safe to the environment. This project assesses the viability of an indoor product comprised of a superabsorbent polymer, sodium polyacrylate, to be used on a larger scale outdoors as well as a way to apply the product to the ground primarily for decoration purposes. Tests on the product's resistance to heat, cold, wind, and sunlight were completed, and environmental concerns were researched. In addition, multiple applicators and application processes were considered to determine the best way to apply the product. What was found was that the product was not affected by any of the tests, which makes it suitable for outdoor use, and that premixing the product and applying by hand is the best method for application.
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Snow,Artificial,Sodium polyacrylate,Polymer,Chemical Engineering
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