Role of Turkish Foreign Policy in the Middle East under the Justice and Development Party

Vigil, Roxanne
Since the Justice and Development Party (AKP) has come to power in 2002, Turkey's foreign policy has changed its relations with the Middle East. Turkey is becoming a significant player in all regions of the world because it has taken on the role of mediator between western-centered States such as Israel and Shia-centered States such as Iran. Moreover, its reputation as a functioning Islamic democracy is a model for Egypt who is currently going through a leadership and government revolution. The focus of this paper is to discuss Turkey's foreign policy toward Israel, Iran and Egypt under the AKP party and discuss Turkey's diplomatic role as mediator in guiding the actions of Israeli, Iranian and Egyptian governments. Turkey's foreign policy and the major events that have shaped relations with each country will be discussed in order to understand the level of diplomatic power the AKP has obtained. The foreign policies and actions that the AKP have developed since elected have allowed it to balance relationships with the world and given it the power to dictate rules within Middle Eastern issues because of its popularity among these countries who have invested interests in the ideals and goals of the AKP.
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