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Influence of "Dead Presidents" in Hip-Hop, The

Cohen, Joseph K.
"Dead Presidents" is a term used in hip-hop culture referring to money or the influence money has. The power of money is a major theme seen in the hip-hop genre and its influence is often referred to. This influence, however, has a negative stereotype associated with it that contradicts the opinions of some of the key players in hip-hop. Many artists in hip-hop take on a materialistic emphasis in terms of how money affects them and this has become the ideology that represents all of hip-hop. This stereotype is strongly contested and my project is to demonstrate through artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, Macklemore, and others, that this negative ideology that has been painted on this genre is not fairly representing many artists in this genre. This is just one area where hip-hop has inconsistencies but it is something, as an accounting major and the Director of Finance for ASUW, I believe should be addressed.
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