Groundwater response in the sandstones of the Wasatch and Fort Union Formations, Powder River Basin, Wyoming

Taboga, K.G.
Stafford, J.E.
Rodgers, J.R.
This study uses groundwater data collected by the Bureau of Land Management to examine how groundwater levels in sandstone aquifers of the Wasatch and Fort Union Formations have responded to decreased coalbed methane (CBM) production in the Powder River Basin, Wyoming. The type, magnitude and timing of water level responses are evaluated. Changes in groundwater levels are analyzed as they relate to the depth and vertical distance of monitored sandstone aquifers from CBM producing coal seams. The appendix contains monitoring well and water level statistics as well as time series graphs for all monitoring sites.
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Coalbed methane,CBM,Powder River Basin,Wyoming,groundwater,de-watering,aquifer,well recovery
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