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Environmental Sampling Drone

Perkins, Cody
Worden, Gavin
Klebba, Joseph
Jaworsky, Christopher
Large pits filled with contaminated water are a product of many mining operations. Collecting water samples from mine pits is a dangerous task that requires skill and caution as the body of water is surrounded by steep inclines. A drone offers a much safer and quicker alternative. The Trihydro Corporation, headquartered in Laramie, endeavored to win a bid that required the employment of a drone to collect water samples in mining pits. Their efforts inspired the idea for the development of a more robust and reliable drone system for the collection of mine site water samples. The designed system consists of the drone and a water sampling apparatus tethered to the drone. It will be constructed of a floatation device and two separate bailers. The drone is flown to a desired location, where upon arrival it takes two water samples, one at the surface and one below the surface. The samples are then flown back to a location where they can be disconnected and transferred to the appropriate containers and testing facilities. The overall goal is to collect the samples such that the fit the specifications of the original bid pursued by the Trihydro Corporation.
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