Structural Design of Laramie County Community College Student Center, The

Bayles, Katie
Structural Engineers are put to the task of designing the structural systems for a building while maintaining the architectural identity of the design. The structural engineer must choose the most cost effective material that will support the forces that the building will experience. Concrete, steel, and wood are the most common building materials that are used in structural design, and to determine the appropriate structural system and materials the engineer must consider the building's location, site parameters, architectural elements, and budget. Once the structural system is determined, all the structural members and connections are designed to specified code standards. The final designs are included in a set of construction drawings that allow for the construction of the building. This senior design project considers the building's parameters to choose an efficient structural system that maintains the architectural vision for a student center on the campus of Laramie County Community College (LCCC) in Cheyenne, WY. The project discusses the aspects of the design process including schematic design, design development, and ending with construction drawings. All structural aspects of the building have been designed including girders, beams, columns, decking, as well as all the connections of the members. Additionally, a sufficient lateral system is designed and considerations are made for the foundation design. The project creates a feasible structural plan for the student center at LCCC.
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