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Running Atlas: A Literature Review of Running Form and Technique, The

Davis, Sharron
Running is a form of physical activity that is prevalent and widely studied all over the world. People run for various reasons ranging from competitions to health-related motives. Although running is a common type of physical activity, it is considered a repetitive motion, stressing the body and causing a number of injuries such as Achilles tendinopathies, plantar fasciitis, and iliotibial band syndrome. Because running-related injuries are common, it is important to understand correct running form. Correct running technique encompasses the entire kinetic chain, involving the combined effects of an individual's musculature, skeletal, and nervous systems. Not only is correct running form important in order to minimize the risk of injury, but understanding the type of footwear best suited for an individual is significant in order to provide the best support, enhancing an individual's technique. Examining how the musculature, nervous, and skeletal systems coordinate and affect the kinetic chain will provide information on the most energy-efficient and least injury-prone running technique.
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