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Visualizing Mental Illness Through Art

Johnson, Angela C.
Mental illness is largely stigmatized in modern society. This stigma can be traced from the history of psychology as problematic themes that coexist with the productive and helpful theories which have shaped modern health and attribute to advancing societies mental health. The problematic themes and ways of thinking remain in modern society. While the scientific basis of historical pseudoscience has been exposed, modern media tropes perpetrate the problem in modern society causing fear-based stigmas, However, these stigmas can be combated through awareness and use of descriptive art which more accurately represents mental illness. My project centers around three main works of art that I completed which were inspired by the research of the history of psychology as well as the mental illness stigma as it exists in modern society. I focused heavily on this stigma, discovering where it originated and aimed to find solutions to this very present problem which still persists into the 21st century. Image Titles: 1. It's in my veins 2. Can you see it 3. Faceless
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