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Family and Pediatric Dentistry Business Plan

Brenner, Kegan J.
Headrick, Jordan L.
Often times, families with young children have to visit multiple dentists to meet everyone's needs, which means more time taken out of their busy daily schedules. Although we are aware that dentistry in urban Wyoming is a saturated market, our goal is not to beat our competitors, but rather to fill a gap in the marketplace that they have overlooked. There are no convenient dental care options available for this particular market segment, which is why we have made it our goal to design a one-stop dental shop. For our honors project, we have created a business plan for Sweet Tooth Family and Pediatric Dentistry that will fill this gap in the marketplace, and give us a powerful competitive advantage. By offering families in urban Wyoming a dental practice that specializes in care for both adults and children, we hope to capture this underserved target market, who would benefit from a convenient, family-friendly dental practice. The business plan itself will be a summary plan consisting of around 10-15 pages due to the early development of the plan. The areas of focus will range from industry and market analysis to the marketing and operations plan, and even touch on financial projections.
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