Semiautonomous Robotic Arm

Dameron, Andrew
Autonomy has been on the up and up for quite some time and chances are it will be here to stay. There are many industries out there which automate their processes. The type of equipment and process used will depend largely upon the task at hand. Some people may use cameras and software that sends alerts when a problem is detected. Other people might use robots to help automate their task. The purpose of our project is to design and build a robotic arm which will be able to autonomously pick up objects that it is taught to recognize. The objects it is taught to recognize will most likely be various beer bottles, cans, and other simple objects such as blocks. The arm itself could have several potential applications in different work environments such as picking objects up off of an assembly line or recording a presentation by holding a camera which follows a presenter as they move around. There are many other potential uses for the arm aside from what we are trying to accomplish. These other tasks could be accomplished with some slight modifications to the design.
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