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Bias,' 'Racism,' and 'Stereotyping' Education in the Middle School Classroom

Bieganski, Alaenna
My research will focus on the methods of instruction and assessment for student learning and understanding of "bias," "stereotyping," and "racism." This project will focus on a seventh grade reading classroom at Dean Morgan Middle School in Casper, Wyoming. The research will be based on a three-day learning unit, which introduces each topic and guides students toward the formulation of an argument regarding the presence of bias in an influential photograph from TIME's list of the "100 Most Influential Photos of All Time." I will present evidence gathered from the classroom and video recordings of lessons in order to assess students' prior knowledge on the subject, as well as the most beneficial methods for instructing and assessing student learning. Finally, I will bring in knowledge obtained through the English as a Second Language program at the University of Wyoming, exploring how diversity and the lack thereof impact student learning, especially in regards to the aforementioned topics.
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middle school,bias,stereotyping,racism,lesson,education,Secondary Education
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