Personal Thunderstorm and Lightning Detector

Comte, Tyler
Lightning kills on average 58 people per year, greater than tornados and hurricanes. Because lightning can strike further from a thunderhead than its sound can travel, a victim may never know they are even at risk. With that, using a small handheld device that tracks not only the possibility of lightning but also strikes in the area can save lives. My senior design projects aim is to produce a lightning and thunderstorm early detection system that is small enough for mobile use. The device consists of a lightning detection system that detects lightning more accurately and at a greater distance than a human can. Also, a thunderstorm prediction system, which uses barometric pressure and temperature trends, will help predict possible future storms. Using both these systems together, the resulting project alerts the user of the current threat presented by the environment in terms of thunderstorms and lightning. My device could potentially remove users from compromising environmental situations by warning them well in advance.
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